Claudia Karba: The brain behind the incredible growth and success of coaches and entrepreneurs.

3 min readFeb 18, 2021


Claudia Karba, along with owning her digital marketing agency, also helps coaches learn organic and paid advertising.

It is quite surreal to know and learn about all those individuals who have strived to offer their ‘unique’ to people across businesses. This very attitude and quality of going beyond boundaries have helped certain people in sculpting an extremely fruitful career for themselves. All these individuals, especially the female brigade in the business world have inspired so many others across the globe, to believe in their dreams, and turn all that into a beautiful reality for them. Topping the list of women entrepreneurs today across Australia is Claudia Karba. This business personality from Sydney has always shown every bit of becoming one of the leading most names in entrepreneurship. Becoming a part of the entrepreneurial world was always in her mind and so she kept moving ahead on the path to achieving her goals in the same. However, Claudia Karba has had an impressive history in the retail sector of Australia, working in senior management professionals for more than two decades. She is the one who went ahead to create a million-dollar brand called ‘Sasha & Me’, a luxury organic pet homeware company in the year 2011 with the aim to fill in the specific gap in the pet market.

Working relentlessly in the entrepreneurial world and gaining incredible experiences, motivated Claudia Karba to make a huge jump into a different sector that showed great potential and power — the digital space. This fueled her desire to do something for brands and businesses and help them attain the success they are craving for in their niches. This is how came into existence her digital marketing agency called WE ARE SOCIAL Media in the year 2015 after realizing the lack of agencies specializing in thriving the coaching industry with predictable and scalable offers.

Today, Claudia Karba has created a unique space for herself as a digitalpreneur and also a high ticket offer strategist who loves coaching other coaches and entrepreneurs, teaching them organic and paid advertising, and helping 5–6 figure coaches to go ahead and attain 6–7 figures with her proven methods. She has found love in helping new coaches and entrepreneurs with organic marketing to help them launch their offers through their own online programs. Recently, she even launched ‘done for you services’ for 6–7 figure coaches implementing everything for them to launch their virtual events or Facebook group challenges.

Highlighting her big message, Claudia Karba says that through the process, working with high-end coaches, she completely unlearned the business processes she held true before. People have followed a common business model all these years, starting from the bottom and working their way up to the top. However, today as a strategist and a number cruncher, Claudia Karba has tried to reverse engineer everything she has learned and has worked towards a business model that could work for elite experts.

She learned that high-end coaches work from the top down, starting at the highest end of the market, leveraging their authority to create their scalable offers. Claudia Karba created a system that is done for them and all they need to do is to show up and sell their zone of genius. This system has gone ahead in transforming her life and the lives of so many others. Whether it is working as an entrepreneur with her digital marketing agency or a coach and business strategist, Claudia Karba has shown what true passion and resilience is and has helped entrepreneurs and coaches start and grow their successful businesses with her talent in digital marketing and branding.