Eric Feng teaches salespeople and entrepreneurs how to leverage social media to become known, loved, and respected

38-year-old global speaker and social media influencer, Eric Feng, reveals the secrets of social media domination and an online sales system to business owners and salespeople

The story of Eric Feng is the typical grass to grace analogy, outgrowing his seemingly humble beginning to become a renowned global speaker and business coach. Eric has carved a niche for himself for teaching salespeople and entrepreneurs how to use social media to attract their dream customers that are willing and ready to do business with them.

The internet has changed the way people interact as well as how businesses interface with their customers and other stakeholders. The emergence of social media has furthered reduced the size of the world literally, making it a true global village. Unfortunately, many business executives and entrepreneurs have not been able to leverage the fantastic features and benefits of social media, particularly in reaching their target audience. This is where Eric Feng has been of help to many of his students, especially salespeople and entrepreneurs worldwide.

According to the social media expert, the “goal is to build an “online sales system” powered by social media to turn skeptical strangers into raving fans who pay you for your product or service.” Eric describes the best part of building the system as the freedom to enjoy consistent and predictable income every month, while also being able to scale it as desired.

Eric Feng identified three core strategies to successfully building an online sales system — growing followers, speeding up the trust-building process through content, conversation, and charisma, and sharpening storytelling and copywriting skills to increase the closing ratio.

Attracting a large following which does not only elevate the social status of the business owner and but also positions him as a person of influence is also a side benefit to building the system.

In line with his goal of helping as many entrepreneurs as possible to achieve success leveraging the power of social media, Feng has continued to put out content on Facebook even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Feng identified the opportunity created by the crisis as people spend a lot more time on social, allowing individuals and businesses with a strong social media presence to monetize the attention without leaving the comfort of their homes. This probably explains Feng’s advocacy for his audience to be producers on social media and not consumers.