Michael Atma — A diviner and an entrepreneur who is helping young minds in aligning their spirits with their success.

3 min readFeb 4, 2021

He is gifted with the flair of spiritual and personal growth deeds, Michael has been the catalyst behind thousands who are now on the path to success and tranquility.

Michael Atma is one of the greatest spiritual coaches and personal trainers who has been recognized by emerging entrepreneurs, coaches, visionaries, and believed leaders from the USA, UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. He is deemed as one of the best visionary entrepreneurs and leaders in Australia. Michael is presently sharing his message of combining both spirituality and business. He is accomplishing this through his latest innovative project called the Evolve Academy.

Through his flair in personal growth and work, he got the golden chance to learn with mentors like Tony Robbins, Scott Oldford, Steven Covey, Brendan Burchard, and a whole host of Zen Masters and Enlightened Teachers from all walks of life.

Michael focuses on emerging leaders who are serious about stepping up in their health, relationships, finances, business and spiritual growth. He aspires to create SHIFTS that matter through his online programs, books and live events, and wants to inspire others to step into their own personal greatness, share the love that they are, and truly SHINE

Every individual has his own story of getting out of the rat race and what it took to not only break free from it — but to thrive. Michael explains how he was left with absolutely nothing at the young age of 25 years. His life hit rock bottom and he was not able to find a spark to ignite his dark days. At this point, in time he understood that he needs to help himself cause he deserves much better than this and asked himself questions like “who am I and why I’m here?”, with these waves of thoughts hitting his mind he commenced working on his inner self and stepped closer to spirituality. He has established his personality as the most influential speaker on achievements and personal growth. When he steps on the stage his vibe holds that flair that turns around the signals received by the brains of leading coaches, teachers, and entrepreneurs. His message has magic that spurs his audience into the stimulus of success, as well as leaving a trauma on this world.

Michael yearns this world to perceive him as a supporter of emerging leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to capture their internal guru (wisdom) for proficiency in life and business. He advises all the young and budding teachers, mentors, and entrepreneurs so that they can lead their way to a fulfilling life by the peace of mind and directing ahead with presence. Through the profound and life-transforming wisdom delivered by him, numerous folks have been revamped and forged their way to the life they dreamt of once only in their dreams. His latest educational platform the Evolve Academy has created a landmark of success in the hearts of learners enrolled in it. Michael has made all this possible by his conviction on the present as he speculates “When we know how to access the space of being in the present moment all the resources, ideas, creativity, intuition, clarity, focus, and whatever we need becomes available to us.”

To learn more about Michael Atma, visit MichaelAtma.com or follow him on Instagram @michaelatma