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Nino Sukhishvili’s Ascension To The Business ‘Throne’

In the wake of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, no one ever envisioned that many businesses’ doors would remain closed for more than a year. But have you met someone passionate about business even amid a collapsing global economy? Nino Sukhishvili is the epitome of entrepreneurship. She has not been affected much by the Covid-19 shakeup because of embracing digital marketing and services.

About Nino

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Nino schooled at the University of Moscow pursuing a study in Business Management. It was here where her passion for business grew immensely. However, her love for entrepreneurship did not start there. Nino used to work at his parents’ beauty shop and reselling purses, belts and scarves to his clients and friends.

Additionally, Nino is known as a model, social media influencer and viral content creator. She is the founder of Big Nino Production, a social media management company that started with her fiance three years ago. Nino proceeded to form a new shapewear brand that allows people to achieve their desired body goals while bringing awareness of a healthy lifestyle and self-love. At 22 years old, Nino has already attained all her short-term goals, including travelling the world. Her overall life goal is to help people through different outlets.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the significant challenges in his pilgrimage is that Nino had difficulty trusting other people in the industry. So she took a lonely path. Additionally, being a diverse person, it was not easy to balance both work and family. And truthfully, Nino never balances. She does things she loves daily. She gives herself the freedom to do her activities anywhere in the world. And guess what? That freedom allows her to spend much time with her family and always be there while actively raising her child.

Due to his global travels, Nino dropped out of the university. The transition was the most challenging thing ever. She hit rock bottom when she was abused by her ex-husband, labelling her as an illegal immigrant with no papers. It took Nino a few years before she figured out everything.

Ascending To Success

Nino started her journey with five dollars. A year later, she changed a few jobs and found herself coworking for a big company promising a promising career. However, she chose to grow her company before the career job even though it was not stable and making sufficient income. This choice was the best decision for her.

One of the most significant achievements for Nino was his grasp of the online audience. After modelling for a clothing brand in Russia, Nino moved to the United States, worked with photographers and got a few publishings. That is when she moved the entire of her business online. She became an Instagram Model, gaining followers throughout the years. One of her videos wearing waist trainers on TikTok went viral, and people started asking where she got this from. She didn’t lose a chance and established Welcome Waist a week, contacted the manufacturer and got this going. This move became a perfect opportunity to help people reach their desired goals.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that time management has been one of Nino’s strengths. She schedules her days ahead because running different brands and creating content requires much time. That is why she always has to be very time efficient.

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