Wingman’s “Weird New Feeling’s” is a New Approach

3 min readSep 27, 2020

Tackling the music industry is an (often intimidating) uphill battle for anyone, but a certain emerging artist is taking up the challenge with both finesse and a touch of playfulness. His name? Wingman — an LA-based singer and songwriter who is set to seriously shake things up.

A New Approach to Music

Youthful and undeniably eccentric, Wingman’s brand of music is a lesson in genre-bending done right. A mix of EDM, rap, R&B, and general hip-hop, his songs take old sounds and turn them into something new, exciting, and unique. They also perfectly blend old themes and new, personal experience and relatable emotions. In the end, it captures both the fun of being a young musician and the struggles of self-discovery and everyday living in a way that’s somehow simultaneously danceable and introspective.

This is apparent throughout the entirety of his debut album “Weird New Feelings,” with the title track receiving the most applause. However, “Distracted” and “Beijing” are also particular highlights of the collection for their sheer musicality and thoughtfulness draped on top of their soaring beats. The tracks are catchy yet sensitive, and the audience is thrilled with that if the few million streams and overwhelming amount of positive feedback is any indication.

But what about the industry’s critics? Turns out, even they’ve been charmed by Wingman’s tracks. It’s a new approach to music — especially to electronic and rap — but it’s one that was well worth the risk. Critical support is strong, citing the entire album as creative and mature. And after listening to the eight-track collection a few times, we’re driven to agree. It’s an album and approach that just feels good, and isn’t that what we’re all ultimately looking for these days?

A Complimentary Passion

While Wingman’s lyricism and impressive general musicianship separates him from the crowd, they’re not the only things. His second love does, too: flying. Not only is he a bold musician, but Wingman is also a daring aviator who chases adventures and sunsets in his beloved yellow gyrocopter. It wasn’t always a lifelong passion, though. The interest wouldn’t be stoked until Wingman’s early 20s, when a friend offered to take him on a short flight following a lunch together.

But as soon as the “Stay Cool” singer touched the controls, he was hooked. He then quickly became a pilot and bought an aircraft of his own, while simultaneously working on honing his music, and developing the tracks that would end up on his first album. Despite fears that piloting would provide a distraction from his music, the exact opposite has actually held true. Rather than hindering him, Wingman’s other passion has only made it all the better, giving him amazing music video opportunities, infusing the thrill and freedom of flight into everything he does, and serving as yet another source of lyrical inspiration.

So, where does he plan on taking these two loves in the future? The answer is: nowhere but up. Recording music video footage is currently at the top of his to-do list as is working on upcoming songs, no doubt considering more singles and albums to be in his immediate future. Always prioritizing growth, Wingman’s sure to give his music a further upgrade.

And as for his flying? Well, according to the musician, “As the beats get bigger, my aircraft starts feeling smaller. Maybe one of these days I might look for the next size up.” Looks like he’ll be upgrading on that front soon, too. Regardless, we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

You can connect with Wingman on Instagram